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Jul 13, 2023

How RADON Bikes built a thriving community and drove business growth with Experify

How RADON Bikes built a thriving community and drove business growth with Experify

How RADON Bikes built a thriving community and drove business growth with Experify

RADON Bikes has established itself as a prominent player in the cycling industry, offering high-quality bikes with a strong commitment to performance, innovation, and affordability. Their direct-to-consumer business model has made top-notch bikes more accessible to cycling enthusiasts. In this blog post, we dive into RADON Bikes' inspiring journey, uncovering how they overcame challenges and successfully leveraged community and social proof to take their brand to new heights.

Challenge: building trust and tangible connections in a digital landscape

As a direct-to-consumer brand, RADON Bikes* faced the challenge of establishing tangible connections with customers without physical showrooms or retailers. They needed innovative solutions to provide touchpoints and build trust with riders.

Additionally, RADON had a passionate online customer community but lacked a strategy to activate and harness their natural enthusiasm. Although they were active on social media and generated user-generated content on Instagram, they struggled to integrate these efforts into a cohesive social proof strategy. This led RADON to strive for a unique and compelling shopping experience that went beyond basic product descriptions and specifications, showcasing what it's truly like to own their bikes.

Solution: unleashing the power of community through Experify

To address their challenges and achieve their goals, RADON Bikes turned to Experify. By embracing Experify's SaaS platform, RADON created a centralized community where like-minded cyclists could connect, engage, and share their experiences. Through the Experify map, they generated product owner profiles and customer stories, unlocking a scalable method of social proof to drive conversions. 

For their existing customers, RADON also leveraged Experify’s exclusive and customizable reward points program to encourage and incentivize active participation in their brand community.

“Experify helps us turn our customer base into our competitive advantage by providing a more authentic way to experience our RADON bikes and the RADON lifestyle”
— Andi Solinski

Results: accelerating growth and building brand loyalty 

RADON Bikes witnessed remarkable results after integrating Experify into their customer strategy. Within weeks of launching their community, they attracted 100 customer sign-ups, and within six months, the number grew to 300. By whole-heartedly implementing Experify and prominently promoting it on their homepage and social channels, RADON fueled their impressive growth. The authentic social proof generated through Experify had a significant impact on conversion rates and business growth. Customers who experienced the RADON lifestyle and connected with like-minded cyclists through the platform became more likely to make a purchase, solidifying their brand loyalty.

Closing thoughts

RADON Bikes' partnership with Experify has been nothing short of transformative. Through their community-first platform, RADON amplified their brand presence, increased social proof, and forged deeper connections with their customers. Experify became a catalyst for growth, boosting conversion rates and facilitating meaningful customer interactions. By leveraging Experify, RADON Bikes successfully turned their customer base into a competitive advantage, delivering an unparalleled experience that resonates with riders and enthusiasts alike.

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