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FAQ for Shoppers: How does Experify work?

What is Experify?

Experify allows brands to feature conversational reviews to connect people who already own their products with interested shoppers. Unlike typical reviews that are static and easily misused, our dynamic reviews are meant to build trust—you can reach out to any product owner listed if you have questions, want to learn more, or want reassurance before you make a purchase.

How do I contact a product owner?

Contacting a product owner is easy. Select one from the Experify map list on the store's website, click "Send a message," and type your question.

Why do Locals take the time to do this?

Like you, they also faced the same tough decision before purchasing. So, they get how important it is to have firsthand experience with a product and appreciate honest opinions. Plus, connecting with like-minded folks in the local community brings so much joy. And don't forget the awesome rewards brands offer for showing off their products – it's a great incentive!

Do product owners work for the brand?

As a token of appreciation for showcasing their product, product owners earn +50 brand points for in-person and +25 points for virtual meetings. We don't offer any sales commission because we genuinely value and appreciate unfiltered opinions.

Are Locals obliged to respond/show their product?

As private individuals, Locals are not employees of Experify or the brands. They have the freedom to decide whether to connect with someone and accept a contact request or not.

I contacted a product owner, but they never responded—what do I do?

That can always happen for various reasons - like life getting busy from time to time. We recommend searching for other product owners in your area and reaching out to them.

How long does a meeting take? What can I test?

Typically, locals are more than willing to provide you with a thorough product demonstration. However, the duration and intensity of the testing is entirely up to you and the local individual you reach out to. Just ask them! It's important to note that the locals voluntarily offer their products, take their time to assist you, and are not affiliated with the brands as employees.

Why do brands offer this experience with real product owners?

At Experify, we empower individuals to make informed decisions through genuine local experiences. It's not a platform for everyone but for brands that truly believe in their products and trust that they can stand on their own merits. We're talking about companies that go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and welcome the chance for customers to share their experiences.

Why are those experiences through Experify?

Experify is the place for authentic social product experiences. We ensure that only real owners are on the platform, that you profit from simple & secure communication and that only verified users can become part of the community.

What happens to the personal data I provide? And why do you need it?

Your first and last name, age, and email address are required for registration. Further, we ask for a profile picture and your mobile number. This enables us to ensure that only verified users use Experify, which helps build community trust. This information is subject to strict data protection regulations. Your contact information (email, mobile number) is not shared with anyone.

Which of my data is publicly visible?

When you contact a Local, they can see your first name and profile picture. Beyond that, no personal contact information is displayed. Experify allows you to communicate securely without sharing your email address or phone number.

What happens if I have problems with a Local?

We actively monitor the behavior of Locals and users based on the reviews they receive. In case you have trouble because a Local does not show or the product is too damaged or non-existent, please contact us and let us know!

Who can I contact if I have problems or questions?

If you have any questions or problems not covered by the FAQs, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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