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Plugin settings

The Experify plugin serves as the foundation of our dynamic review solution. It is the platform where your customer stories take center stage, enabling shoppers to engage with existing customers and providing a map view of product owners.

All the website widgets that Experify provides link directly to the plugin.

The Plugin Settings page offers several customizable options. First, you can include profiles for product owners that lack photos. This applies to instances when a profile picture or a product photo is missing. You have the freedom to determine whether these profiles will be visible to shoppers when they access the plugin. To maximize exposure, we highly recommend enabling this setting, thus allowing all customer stories to be showcased.

The next setting you have the option to personalize is the Nudge Tab. This banner appears within your customer stories, providing additional context on actions shoppers can take on this page. While you can customize the title and description, we also offer a default option for your convenience.

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