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Pricing FAQ

Why is your pricing based on impressions and not unique visits?

Unique visits are hard to measure, given increased privacy measures, no-cookie policies, and “incognito” browsing. Impressions are simple to measure, and our service is fairly priced based on these.

Will what we pay vary month-to-month based on our website impressions?

Pricing is calculated based on your website impressions of the previous 12 months and adjusted annually, so you don’t have to worry about a temporary spike in traffic affecting your monthly fee.

What’s the difference between the free plan and the basic plan?

The free plan is a limited version of the features available on the basic plan. While our basic plan allows your entire community to be displayed on the map, the free plan limits the display to 20 product owners.

Are there any setup costs?

There are no setup costs for Experify! The cost you pay per month is the subscription price plus any additional usage fees based on the amount of website impressions you have per month.

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