5 benefits of using Experify for your brand

Apr 4, 2023

As the world of e-commerce becomes more and more competitive, brands are seeking new ways to stand out and connect with customers. Enter Experify, the community-building and customer involvement platform that's revolutionizing the social shopping space.

What is Experify?

Experify is a platform that connects undecided shoppers with existing customers to have authentic conversations about products and make more informed purchase decisions. We partner with e-commerce brands to help them activate their engaged micro-communities, strengthen customer relationships, and deliver authentic and personalized shopping experiences at scale.

Compared to traditional ratings and review platforms, Experify empowers shoppers to play a more active role and directly engage with real customers in private 1-1 conversations. And unlike influencer and affiliate marketing, we lead with authenticity and transparency in our uniquely-positioned social shopping solution.  

Here are five key benefits of using Experify to drive results for your business:

Proven results 

Experify works, and we have the numbers to prove it. We’ve seen our platform drive up to 3X more revenue for our brands, and we provide access to real-time data so you can see conversion and conversation rates to make informed decisions about your marketing and sales strategies. By leveraging the power of community and social proof, brands can leverage Experify as a valuable marketing and insights channel to drive meaningful results. 

Active brand participation 

Experify empowers brands to play a more active part in their customer communities and have more control over their brand's social narrative. Instead of scouring the web for where your customers hang out to see what people are actually saying about your products, and hoping no misinformation gets into the mix, Experify gives shoppers a safe space to do that directly on your website. This helps build shopper trust and loyalty, which can lead to increased revenue and long-term success.

In return, Experify provides deeper insights to brands about what prospective customers are asking most and want to learn more about. With monthly meetings with our customer success lead and access to real-time dashboards, these insights can be invaluable for your future strategy and success. 

Easy to use and saves time 

Experify's platform is easy to use and saves valuable time doing 1-1 customer relationship management. Our onboarding process is as simple as a 2-page service agreement and implementation of a couple lines of code. Our platform overlays directly onto your website, keeping customers at the point of sale, and integrates with fully-customizable branded widgets. After Experify is up and running, there’s barely any ongoing time commitment as it runs itself with your customers. There’s no need to learn a whole new platform or add additional workflows to your busy life. 

On top of saving time, we also save brands money on shipping, return, and showroom costs. More informed purchases means less spontaneous orders, less returns, and stronger customer retention. With Experify, brands can focus on what they do best — creating amazing products and engaging with their best customers. 

Delivers social proof at scale 

Experify provides social proof to customers globally, wherever they are. While there is an in-person element with the map functionality and IRL meet-ups, the power of the platform can be harnessed entirely virtually at the will of your own shoppers and customers. 

Shoppers can connect with people halfway around the world who are using your product in the same way to hear about their unique experiences. Experify delivers authentic product insights to undecided shoppers and enables private 1-1 conversations with people just like them, who they can relate to and trust, to make more informed purchase decisions and build meaningful relationships.

Rewards loyal customers

Experify provides a unique way for brands to say thank you to and reward their best customers, with exclusive gifts hand-picked by brands with full flexibility and control. Whether it's a gift card, exclusive merch, or something custom, brands can use Experify to show their appreciation for their loyal customers and build long-term relationships.

In a crowded e-commerce landscape, it's important for brands to find new and innovative ways to connect with customers and drive sales. Experify's platform provides a unique solution that harnesses social proof at scale while saving you valuable time and resources to grow your business. With Experify, brands can take their e-commerce game to the next level and drive stronger, more confident sales.

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