What's New at Experify: End of 2023 Edition

Dec 21, 2023

With the end of the year approaching soon, we wanted to create a little cheer in the form of new product releases! Here are a few of our most recent updates:

New passwordless messaging flow

Shoppers can now easily connect with nearby product owners without the hassle of setting up a password. This new process simplifies messaging - they just need to enter their name, email, and message. After clicking send, they'll receive an email from Experify to confirm and officially send the message. 

Confirming by email serves two purposes: it protects against spam by ensuring they have access to the email address they entered, and it ensures that Experify's emails reach their inbox, avoiding marketing or spam folders and ensuring quick replies.

No more contact requests: Locals can reply to messages immediately via email

Speaking of quick replies, now locals can conveniently respond directly through email to a "new contact request." Before, locals had to log in to Experify to accept a contact request and write their response. With this update, the whole messaging experience can now happen via email. No need for any logins anymore, whether you're a local or a user!

New user roles and the ability to invite users to your Experify dashboard

We've added two user roles for Experify account access: Admin and Super-admin.

Admins can do everything in the Experify dashboard except manage users. Super admins have the power to invite, manage, or remove staff members. 

The new user roles hint at another feature we just released—you can invite new staff members directly from the dashboard! Just go to Settings > Admins. No need to ask support to do this for you—Super-admins have full control over access, anytime they want.

We're excited to bring you these updates and enhancements to improve your experience with Experify. Stay tuned for some big things coming in 2024!